Gardening can be a powerful form of meditation, contemplation or spiritual practice!


While a love for gardening may last a lifetime, the ability to easily do so may not.

lifetime gardening.jpgThe passion for gardening never goes away. As we grow older, it may become more difficult to kneel or bend over to turn the garden beds, plant the seedlings, remove the weeds and harvest the vegetables. We hope to make these tasks easier so you are able to once again plant the greens, herbs, vegetables or flowers that have given you such great satisfaction.

The Portable Lifetime Garden can be moved around inside or on a patio, balcony, deck, or out on the lawn to capture the maximum amount of sunlight. They are just the right height for either standing or sitting in a chair or wheelchair.

You are able to easily plant, water, trim and harvest without the aches and pains of bending or kneeling over the garden beds.

Your watering can or potted plants easily fit on the shelf below the growing bed.

There is a drainage hole in the bottom of the container to capture the excess water. The extra water may be reused over and over until it’s been absorbed by the plants.  The planting bed is deep enough for greens, herbs and any other shallow root plants.  If you want to have additional plants, you can accessorize the Portable Garden.

We hope our Portable Garden brings back the ease and pleasure of growing some of your own food and beautifying your patio, deck or lawn.

Perfect for: Retirement Communities | Assisted Living Communities | Hospitals & Rehabilitation Centers | Community Senior Centers | Skilled Nursing Homes | Veteran's Homes & Centers | Schools, Parks & Playgrounds

Plans for the Lifetime Portable Gardens are available in a Standing and Sitting configuration (details below). They are built to last and all have the following features:

  • Easily portable with 8" heavy duty steel rim and solid rubber flat-free tires. 
  • Rated at 300lbs each, the heavy duty tires easily go over any threshold, gravel or patio stones.
  • Fit through any 36" door opening (Standard Entry Door size). 
  • The self-draining growing bed is 24" x 36" x 8.5" deep. Perfect for any shallow root herbs, vegetables or flowers.
  • Excess water self-drains into the included bucket and can be re-used to water the plants.
  • All the joints are glued and the critical ones are screwed together.
  • Each unit is finished with a waterproofing, semi-transparent stain


The Lifetime Standing Portable Garden


Designed to garden while standing, this model is 4' long, 28" wide, and 36" tall (counter top height). It is very stable and easy to tend to using a walker or cane. The full depth bottom shelf allows plenty of room for accessories. Additional photos are below, just click a thumbnail to enlarge.

The Lifetime Sitting Portable Garden


Designed to garden while sitting, this model is 4' long, 28" wide, and 30" tall (dining table height). It is very stable and easy to tend to using a wheelchair or regular chair. This unit has a 12" deep bottom shelf to allow for leg room. Additional photos are below, just click a thumbnail to enlarge.

Increase Your Growing Area with Accessories!

You can easily increase the growing area of your Lifetime Portable Garden by adding hanging pots, individual pots and more. You can install the accessories (like the rear bar for hanging baskets or upper front  trough) or just use your imagination. Click on an image below to enlarge.