Gardening can be a powerful form of meditation, contemplation or spiritual practice!

Cindy’s passion for gardening began at an early age.  She loved working in the soil alongside her mom. Together, they laid out the yearly garden plans, hauled rocks from the foothills to build beautiful rock walls and carefully chose perennials that would thrive in the dry climate of Colorado. Each year, the gardens flourished and became more beautiful. As Cindy’s mother aged, she could no longer go into the yard and turn the soil or fertilize the plants. Each spring Cindy took care of her mother’s gardens so she could enjoy the varied colors from her windows.

The desire to create beauty and color expanded to her own front yard. While living in the city, with the help of her husband, they built a retaining wall and replaced all the grass with water wise perennials and bushes. Before long, people would stop in front of the house and enjoy the beauty of continuously flowering plants throughout the spring and summer.

In 2012 Cindy and her husband moved 15 miles outside of Salida,CO.  They lived  in the middle of the BLM, completely off grid and experienced the concept of hostile gardening. The land was completely barren of nutrients and there was little protection from the sun and wind, and very little surface water except the Arkansas River which was five miles from their homestead. In spite of all those obstacles, they were still able to grow an abundance of food. Following that experience, they recently moved closer to the front range and now garden at 8,500 ft. While there is more moisture, and the water table seems to be higher, the seasons are definitely shorter than at 7,700 ft. Cindy’s extensive gardening experience with raised beds, row covers and growing fruit and vegetables in a large greenhouse, are still applicable at the new location. Their greenhouse is considerably smaller now, as are the spaces available to grow outside, but the same gardening methods apply.

 Through the years, Cindy has come to realize that gardening is a wonderful creative process. As she has created so many different garden spaces and planted a multitude of flowers, vegetables, herbs and trees, she began to recognize the direct connection between what happens in the garden and her spiritual life. The more time spent with every phase of gardening, the more she experienced the impact on her spiritual growth. It has become crystal clear just how gardening can enrich one’s spiritual life. From the moment a seed is placed in a growing medium until the final harvest of the year takes place, there is a spiritual connection.

 Cindy wants to share these ideas and assist others in seeing the direct parallels of the nurturing of the outer garden with the growth and nurturing of one’s inner garden.

Whether you are just learning to garden or are an experienced gardener, something is always gained by sharing the spiritual insights with others.

 It also doesn’t matter what your religious or spiritual beliefs might be. The benefits of gardening and making the spiritual connections will resonate with everyone.

 After all, nature itself is greater than ourselves and is of the Divine!

 Cindy looks forward to exchanging experiences and wisdom both about your inner garden growth and your physical garden.

 Look for ongoing workshops this coming Spring!

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